world travelers meeting / gaggenau / germany

same as every year: meeting the globetrotters in the unimog museum in gaggenau. thanks to all the organisers for this wonderful weekend and it was great to see many friends again and to find new ones.

corona virus / uruguay / germany

storage place in uruguay airport montevideo airport frankfurt

The corona / covid 19 hysteria reached tranquil uruguay and the street vendors began to sell toilet paper at the crossroads. We preferred our return flights for two days, which had been planned months ahead, because the airport in montevideo announced that it would be closed soon.

We came back to a changed germany. Well, egoists who don’t allow others to buy toilet paper probably existed before.

paysandú / uruguay

In this contemplative provincial capital there is an interesting old cemetery with very expressive figures of italian masters. And at the entrance of the village there is a “cemetery” of old cars!

what a coincidence!

san nicanor / uruguay

Some relaxing days at san nicanor. By the way: one pool is warm, the other one is hot!

iguazú / brazil

… and here comes the other side: iguazú brazil

iguazú / argentina

many things have two sides, like the iguazú waterfalls. here: agentina

parque national iberá / argentina

A 13,000 sqkm marshland in argentina, bordering paraguy and brazil. Until the beginning of 2020 there had been so little rain that the water level was unusually low.