catarata yumbilla / perú

caterata medio cerro caterata medio cerro caterata yumbilla / who can see bettina? caterata yumbilla caterata yumbilla

after a 90 minute hike we reached it: the third highest waterfall on earth. It was in 2007 when its real height was recognized, in three steps the catarata yumbilla falls 2850feet into the depth. Wikipedia writes: “meanwhile we are working on access routes for visitors.” We did the hike, here some pictures!

chaparrí / andean bear / perú

Chaparrí is considered the first state-approved private nature reserve (ACP) in Peru. It is an example of how the local rural population can make the best use of natural resources. The nature reserve is located in the Chongoyape district, 60 km east of the provincial capital Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region.

Juan, our guide showed us a photo trap donated by the frankfurt zoological society. But this one had been shredded by a photo-shy spectacled bear.

el señor de sipán / perú

Have you ever heard something about the mochica culture? Yes? Not me.

In 1987 the grave of “el señor der sipán” was discovered and excavated. An archaeological sensation. In nearby lambayeque there is a great museum, -unfortunately with an absolute ban on photography. But in the site, in the gigantic pyramids of clay bricks, the graves have been faithfully furnished with replicas. super vivid! Beside the deceased lord of sipán, his main wife, another woman, his military general, his priest and a guard without feet were burried. What an honor for the sacrificed people !!! ??

paradise without litter service / perú

on the one hand super beautiful, on the other hand super littered. at least the coastal region of perú.

windshield / piura / perú

english text will follow soon.

lobitos / perú

the abandoned town of old lobitos

quenca / ecuador

some impressions from the x-mas parade in ecuador