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carnival in gualegauaychú / argentina

Carnival is in your blood, – or maybe not. Our blood is not contaminated but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to experience a South American carnival. So we bought, for local conditions, expensive grandstand seats to get access to the 1 km long parade area.

The show did not start until 10 pm and the noise from the speakers was unbearable. The carnival songs performed live by the groups always sounded the same to our tortured ears and I became convinced that only a chemically manipulated brain could bear all this, even consider it good. Only the half naked dancing girls were nice to look at but I would have preferred to see the other half as well.

Already at midnight we started our way home, because the motive cars were pulled so slowly through the arena that we get bored.

vernissage m:con center

 right: wo_worker: tomás ochoa left: heather wilcoxon, right: bradford moody right: matthias bolz co_worker: alcis szabo-reiss left: barbara fisher, right: matthias bolz co_worker: emilio martinez co_worker: carolina himmel co_worker: juan martinez parente co_worker: tomás ochoa co_worker: christian knecht co_worker: matt sesow left: fred tieken, right: emilio martinez left: heather wilcoxon, right: boris ciudad real co_worker: alvaro sanchez ©: norbert guthier talk during the opening talk during the opening talk during the opening talk during the opening vernissage

some pictures from the co_work vernissage at rosengarten m:con center / mannheim on december 01, 2019


teatro solis / montevideo boodstore in montevideo montevideo fleemarket / montevideo

the first impressions from uruguay

brazil / south

Some impressions from brazil / south

rio de janeiro / brazil

What a great city !! we have often been warned of crime in rio and these warnings remain present at all times. Too bad, because the Brazilians are super nice and friendly. Almost all of them… This lively city with modern museums, art nouveau villas, old palaces and many contrasts is definitely worth a visit. We love rio!

rainforest / brazil

Nearby the forest burned and during the whole day it rained ash down on us. There the word rainforest takes on a new meaning. :-(

villa do comendador / brazil

Actually, we were looking for a really good Japanese restaurant. The internet led us to Tsu Jiro Sushi in Pirenópolis. On site it turned out to be one of three restaurants in the Hotel Villa do Comendador. And we were not disappointed: The sashimi was delicious. Moreover, the hotel manager ALeandro Neres was so generous to offer our motorhome a parking place for the night. Thus, we could enjoy the beautiful garden and the thermal pool of the Villa do Comendador and had a quiet overnight place at the turbulent Dia da Independência do Brasil.

ALeandro, thank you once again for your generosity and hospitality. We enjoyed the stay very much and wish your team a successful start with the new hotel in Orlando.

——- ——- —— —— ——- —— —— —— —— —— ——-

Na verdade, estávamos à procura de um bom restaurante japonês. A internet nos levou ao Tsu Jiro Sushi em Pirenópolis. No local acabou por ser um dos três restaurantes do Hotel Villa do Comendador. E não ficamos decepcionados: o sashimi era delicioso. Além disso, o gerente do hotel, ALeandro Neres, foi muito generoso em oferecer à nossa autocaravana um estacionamento para passar a noite. Assim, pudemos desfrutar do belo jardim e da piscina termal da Villa do Comendador e tivemos uma noite tranquila no turbulento Dia da Independência do Brasil.

ALeandro, obrigado mais uma vez pela sua generosidade e hospitalidade. Gostamos muito da estadia e desejamos à sua equipe um bom começo com o novo hotel em Orlando.

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